Giganotosaurus facts sheet

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Giganotosaurus facts sheet

Giganotosaurus ( pronounced sheet " JYE- ga- NO- toe- SORE- sheet us" ) is a genus of carcharodontosaurid dinosaur sheet that lived around 97 million years ago during the early Cenomanian stage of the Late Cretaceous Period. All these Giganotosaurus pictures were collected from the internet. It lived in the Cretaceous period and inhabited South America. The name Giganotosaurus has derived from Greek words “ sheet gigas” meaning sheet ‘ giant ’ “ notos” meaning ‘ southern’ “ sauros” meaning ‘ lizard. This activity will have the student completing the giganotosaurus dinosaur fact sheet by filling in the blanks to giganotosaurus complete the sentence. Giganotosaurus facts sheet.

Close Cite This Page. Its classification is Saurischia ( lizard hips). Jan 11 · Roaming what is now modern- day Argentina the Giganotosaurus is one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs facts to have ever walked the planet. - This dinosaur could swallow a human being in giganotosaurus one bite - It had almost 80 serrated teeth - Its largest teeth were 8 inches long - This dinosaur was as almost as long as a railroad car. rex as only a predator or scavenger.

The Allosaurus was a large dinosaur that lived giganotosaurus around 150 million years ago. Sponsored Links These massive dinosaurs were meat eaters ( carnivores) eating other sheet cretaceous dinosaurs. You pronounce their sheet name ' jiga- note- a- saw- rus'. ’ The name of the type species Giganotosaurus carolinii honors Rubén Dario Carolini. Its fossils have been found in places such as Argentina and Argentina. Download the Dinosaur Facts and Worksheets. Quick Facts: – Spinosaurus is famous for its sail and crocodile like facts lifestyle.

They were larger than both T. Giganotosaurus was a late Cretaceous predator one of the giganotosaurus largest carnivorous sheet dinosaurs. Spinosaurus was Chosen as the Villain in Jurassic Park III Because of Its Weird facts Profile. It was a carnivorous dinosaur that had long facts sharp serrated teeth that were perfect for slicing. Giganotosaurus pictures and facts. They are opportunistic carnivores. The meaning of their name is ' giant southern lizard'. Quick Giganotosaurus Facts: - Giganotosaurus had a 6 foot long head— as big as the average human! If one researches almost any apex carnivore, one will find they are a mix of both.

Giganotosaurus Fast Facts. It is thought they may have hunted in packs. It was a carnivore with giganotosaurus big sharp teeth there is even evidence to suggest that it attacked the much heavier Stegosaurus. giganotosaurus Allosaurus Facts for Kids. Interesting giganotosaurus Facts. Giganotosaurus sheet was a carnivore.

However neither is a pure predator scavenger. Find out about its size diet , habitat more! Dinosaur articles helps people about sheet Giganotosaurus image Giganotosauruss facts Giganotosaurus printable coloring giganotosaurus pages. Most facts other meat eating dinosaurs have curved teeth. This animal stood 12 feet tall at the hips had a length of 43 feet weighed about facts 8 tons. More Dinosaur sheet Details. Giganotosaurus means giant southern lizard.

It was a dinosaur of the early cretaceous giganotosaurus period, million years ago. This page contains Giganotosaurus facts for facts kids students sheet adults. They are believed to have been the same size giganotosaurus larger than Giganotosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, . They were meat eaters. “ A lot of dinosaurs have a very similar silhouette to the T. The Spinosaurus had powerful jaws with straight teeth. Giganotosaurus facts sheet. Enjoy and explore: View Giganotosaurus on ancient earth globe. So, it doesn' t really makes sense to group T.

Their length was around 12- 13 sheet metres ( 40 feet) They weighed up to 13 tons ( almost giganotosaurus 2 elephants). Check out our cool Allosaurus facts for kids. They had very small brains. rex ” said director Joe Johnston . It lived millions of giganotosaurus years before T- rex. Based on the facts, a hyena is much more of a predator than a lion.

Giganotosaurus Coloring Pages. Giganotosaurus Facts For Kids Students & Adults: Conclusion When it comes to a dinosaur such as facts Giganotosaurus, it really is a case of facts piecing together the clues we have from the giganotosaurus fossil record, , building up a picture giganotosaurus of what it looked like how it lived. Physially facts it was longer taller but slimmer that T- rex. Rex and Giganotosaurus. Spinosaurus Facts: Extinct Animals of the World.

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Part of what has made Giganotosaurus so famous, so quickly, is the fact that it was larger and perhaps heavier than the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex: full- grown adults may have tipped the scales at. Let' s have a good look at all the amazing dinosaur facts for kids including dinosaurs habitat, size, length, mass, and running speed. Dinosaurs are a diverse group of animals that belong to the dinosauria clade and are believed to have appeared during the period of Triassic. Giganotosaurus walked on two thick, powerful legs and had enormous jaws. Its teeth were 8 inches long and serrated like the edge of a saw. Giganotosaurus lived about 100 million years ago.

giganotosaurus facts sheet

Giganotosaurus may have hunted animals much larger than itself, such as the huge sauropod plant- eaters like Brontosaurus and Diplodocus. Giganotosaurus - Dinosaur Facts for Kids.